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Making of Across the Border

I wanted to share the story behind my song Across the Border and give a little bit of insight into how this song was created with my co-writer Matt Randall as we wrote this song prior to documenting our songwriting sessions (which can be found on my YouTube Channel HERE).

In the following video we discuss some of the aspects of how we wrote this song, the meaning behind it as well as some of the technicalities of the music and production.

This song is very much based on being triggered into an emotional reactive state and consequently feeling a loss of control. This theme of lack of control and being influenced by an unknown force is referred to throughout the lyrics; especially in the pre-choruses with statements like 'An unknown voice has summoned me, summoned me and declared war on my peace' and 'A stranger's hand is leading me, leading me to conclude I'm not free'.

Overall it touches on a lack of freedom and this in turn brings forth a feeling of anger, hopelessness and, beneath all of that, an intense vulnerability and sadness which comes to light in the softness of the last chorus.

It's a deeply personal song and I hope you enjoy this discussion!

Check out the official lyric video below or listen to it on Spotify HERE

Hege [usually pronounced as Peggy with an H] is a blogger and singer/songwriter based in London. She is passionate about empowering other women through her work after healing herself from dysfunctional relationships and emotional abuse. Her music has been likened to that of Adele and Tori Amos and her latest influences range from Freya Ridings and Sigrid to Dua Lipa. She is currently working on her second EP. Check out her music and blog at www.hegemusic.com

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